Sickness Policy

The information on this page should be read carefully by all parents and guardians prior to enrolment in a Leaps and Bounds nursery as these policies apply to all children without exception.

 Can my child attend nursery if they are unwell?

Children should not attend nursery if they are suffering from sickness or diarrhea, an infectious illness or have any unspecific rashes (until diagnosed by a doctor).

 What is the procedure if my child falls ill whilst at Nursery?

Children who fall ill during the day at Leaps and Bounds will remain under our care. We will contact parents/guardians immediately to discuss whether you will/need to collect your child.

 What if you cannot contact me in the event of illness or an emergency?

In the event of a parent/guardian not being contactable, if necessary the child's own GP would be called. In the event of an emergency, the child would be taken to the nearest hospital or local doctor with whom the nursery has an arrangement. The child would be accompanied by a senior member of staff from Leaps and Bounds who will act "in loco parentis" until such time as the parent/guardian arrive.

 Would you give my child medication if ill?

Medication is not given without parental permission. Before administering Calpol, (the only medication kept on site with the exception of first aid items) parents will always be telephoned. Only in the event of a parent or emergency contact not being reached and a child's temperature reaching dangerous levels would Calpol be given without permission being formally granted. All other methods of relieving temperature will be attempted first, i.e. tepid sponging etc.

 What is the procedure if my child is receiving regular medication?

If a child is receiving regular medication, which needs to be administered during their care periods at Leaps and Bounds, full written notification must be given and the medicine clearly marked with the child's name and dosage information. Medication will not be kept on site and must be taken home at the end of each day. All information about your child's health and any medication that has to be administered must be processed through the Nursery Manager or her delegate.

 What is your exclusion policy in the event of illness?

Exclusion Procedure for Illness / Communicable Disease
If a child is unwell they should not be in any care provision-not only to prevent the risk of infection spreading but also because constant nursing and attention may be needed. If a child becomes unwell whilst in Nursery care as parents/carers you will be asked to collect your child immediately. This relates to, although is not limited to, the illnesses below. Common colds and sniffles will not lead to exclusion.

Vomiting Child must be off from Nursery for 48 hours once free from symptoms.
Conjunctivitis The child must stay at home until cleared up.
Diarrhoea The child must be off from Nursery for 48 Hours once free from symptoms. If a child has two loose nappies at nursery, you will be contacted to collect your child.
Bronchiolitis Incubation Period: Up to 1 week 2-3 days. 3 days minimum exclusion is required for an acute phase of bronchiolitis Important Info Call GP immediately if signs of breathing difficulty.
Chickenpox Incubation Period : Up to 21 days 2 - 3 Days
Croup Incubation Period: 2 days 2 - 3 Days
Gastroenteritis, food Poisoning, Salmonellas & dysentery Until authorised by GP.
Hand, Foot and Mouth Incubation Period: Up to 6 days One week minimum.
Impetigo Until skin has completely healed.
Infective hepatitis Until authorised by GP.
Measles Incubation Period: Up to 12 days 5-7 days from onset of rash.
Meningococcal infection Incubation Period: Varies with type Until fully recovered.
Mumps Incubation Period: Up to 25 days Until all swelling has disappeared. Usuall around 10 days.
Pediculosis (lice) Until treatment has been given and all clear.
Pertussis (whooping cough) Incubation Period: Up to 2 weeks 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough.
Rubella (German measles) Incubation Period: Up to 3 weeks 4 days from appearance of rash.
Ringworm of scalp Until cured
Ringworm of body Seldom required exclusion.
Scabies Excluded until treatment is complete, Usually 24 hrs.
Scarlet fever & streptococcal infection of throat Incubation Period: Scarlet Fever - Up to 5 days Streptococcal Infection – Up to 2 weeks. With appropriate medical treatment, no less Than three days from start of treatment.
Shingles Child can return to nursery once all lesions have dried, and formed a crust. Important Info Shingles can be treated with antivirual medication if started in first 72hrs of lesions appearing, discuss with GP.
Slapped Cheek Incubation Period: Up to 2 weeks Up to 10 days Important Info Slapped cheek/fifth disease can be very serious to an unborn child and if mother contracts whilst pregnant (or if suspected) you should seek advice from your GP and your child must be off nursery.
Threadworm Excluded until treated. All family members over the age of 2 should also be treated.
Tonsillitis Tonsillitis Excluded until at least 24hrs after starting Antibiotics.
Tuberculosis Tuberculosis Until declared free from infection by doctor.
Typhoid fever Until declared free from infection by doctor.

NHS 24 is available 24 hours a day to provide simple advice, no matter how silly the question may be.
You can contact them on: 08454 242424

 Local Pharmacies

Local Pharmacies now run minor illness schemes were you can get medication from them, for yourself or your children, without seeing a GP.

 Who is responsible for keeping contact numbers up to date?

It is the responsibility of the parents to keep us informed of any changes in contact numbers. The Nursery Manager then has responsibility for ensuring all nursery records are updated accordingly.

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