Terms and Conditions

Leaps and Bounds Nursery Ltd. hereinafter referred to as 'the nursery', offer a definite/provisional place to the child referred to overleaf who is to join the nursery on the following terms. These terms and conditions relate to the contract between the nursery and the parent/guardian. The headings in this agreement are inserted only for convenience and shall not affect its construction.

1. Registration

A registration fee as referred to on the fee sheet shall be paid by the parent/guardian to the nursery on submission of the completed registration form and that fee shall not be returnable if such registration is later withdrawn by the parent/guardian. The registration fee will be deducted from the final month's fees provided two full months notice, in writing, is provided to the Nursery Manager. The registration fee is not deductible from the first month's fees.

2. Payment of Nursery Fees

a. Payment of nursery fees to the nursery for the child’s attendance at the nursery shall be made by the parent/guardian monthly, in advance, on the first day of each month (the due date) by standing order.

b. If the payment of fees referred to in a. above shall be outstanding for more than 14 days then the nursery may serve 14 days notice in writing to terminate this contract. Upon termination of this contract the child shall cease forthwith to be admitted to the nursery, and the nursery's notice to so terminate shall be regarded as a formal demand for all outstanding monies.

c. The nursery reserves the right to increase the said fees at any time upon giving 28 days written notice of the proposed increase to the parent/guardian.

3. Calculation of Fees

a. The nursery year runs from September 1st to August 31st. The nursery closes for one week between Christmas and New Year.

b. The fees payable by the parent/guardian are calculated by taking the child's weekly attendance fee, multiplying the same by 52 being the number of weeks the nursery is open and dividing by 12 to give a monthly payment which is required in accordance with clause 3a. The nursery does not permit the payment of fees on a daily or weekly basis. Any payments by a parent/guardian upon this basis may be regarded by the nursery as a breach of the parent/guardian payment obligations and the nursery reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon serving 14 days notice of the parent/guardian payment default. Upon the expiration of the said 14 days notice and the parent/guardian having failed to remedy their payment default, then the nursery shall be entitled to treat this agreement as terminated and the provision of clause 3b shall apply.

c. The nursery does not permit the pro-rata reduction of payment of fees if the child is absent from the nursery due to illness or holidays whilst the nursery is open. The parent/guardian is therefore obliged to make full payment. In the event of payment not being made then the nursery reserves its rights to terminate this agreement in accordance with clause 3b.

d. Late payment charges of £25 per month will be levied on any accounts paid late.

e. Late collection or unbooked additional hours taken (after 1pm for a.m. sessions and after 6.30pm for p.m. sessions) or part thereof, are charged at £20 per hour, and will be payable with following month's fees.

4. Cancellation / Termination

a. After an offer has been made by the nursery but before acceptance by the parent/guardian either party may cancel the offer by serving 7 days written notice.

b. After acceptance of the offer by the parent/guardian either party may terminate this agreement by the service of two calendar month's notice in writing. During that said two-month period the nursery undertakes to continue to admit the child and the parent/guardian undertakes to pay all fees due. In the event of the parent/guardian failing to pay the said fees the child’s place shall be immediately withdrawn and the nursery shall be entitled to serve a formal demand for payment of such monies.

c. In the event of the parent/guardian giving notice of the withdrawal of the child and immediately withdrawing the said child there shall be due to the nursery two calendar month’s fees in lieu of notice. Failure by the parent/guardian to provide two calendar month’s notice or any notice at all shall render the parent/guardian liable to the nursery for two month’s fees.

d. Notice must be in writing and posted to the nursery manager.

e. If in the reasonable opinion of the nursery manager or person of similar standing or authority it is considered that the continued presence of the child Referred to herein is detrimental to the health, safety or well being of the child or other children of the said nursery or the teachers or other staff so employed then the nursery may serve notice to the parent/guardians or a request for the child to be immediately removed from the nursery and the provision of two month’s notice referred to in subclause.

b. herein before stated shall not apply

5. Variation

a. There shall be no variation of this agreement unless it is in writing and made between a duly authorized representative of the nursery and the parent/guardian, any such agreement being in writing from a Director of the company or the Nursery Manager.

b. It is hereby recognised that the nursery is owned by Leaps and Bounds Nursery Limited (hereafter called ’the company’) and the members of staff at the nursery are employees of the company.

c. Employees of the company at the said nursery are not authorised to bind the company in respect of the following matters:
c.1. The variation of any of the terms of this agreement except attendance schedule
c.2. The entering into of agreement be they oral or written with the parent/guardian as to payment schedules of current fees or arrears of fees
c.3. The acceptance of any offer as to the payment of fees or arrears of fees other than in accordance with clause 3.
c.4. Any representation as to the rights of the company to take legal or other proceedings.

6. Acceptance

The above terms and conditions are considered to be fair and reasonable. In the event of any term found by a Court of Law to be unreasonable then that clause shall be removed but the agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The parent/guardian has read and understood the Terms and Conditions contained herein and undertake to be bound by the same.

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